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Unlock the hidden insights of Real World Analytics with XPAI. Start taking data driven decisions today.

How it works

From powerful analytics to recommendation

By analyzing every visitor at every second via state-of-the-art AI technology, XPAI continuously measures the experiences of your audience as precise as you are used to do on online channels. Untap full the potential of your space.

Measure Demographics

Understand your visitors

Get an in-depth understanding of your visitors with XPAI. We help you to determine who is visiting your space and which age groups are present at different times. With this information, you can get answers to questions like "Which profile do the visitors of my space have ?"

Measure Perception

Understand what they like

Get the most out of your visitors and maximize your revenue. With our insights, you can get a better understanding of what your visitors like and don't like, so you can target them with the right setup. We provide you with information like the best day, the best time and the best performing area of your space so that you can maximize your success.

Measure Zones

Understand where

Use our zone performance feature to see which zones get the most attention. Utilize the best performing areas for your most important products and optimize your low performing areas to increase customer engagement.

Measure Engagement

Understand their engagement

Get the intel you need to know how engaged your visitors are with your brand. See if they're actively taking part or are just physically present. Use this data to activate those visitors you would normally lose.

XPAI - an end-2-end solution for experience measurement

Plug&Play Solution

XPAI is the combination of the cutting edge AVAI One sensor, the XPAI AI and the Heartbeat data analytics platform.


Captures the physical world by automatically measuring millions of data points per second.


Processes the data in the categories of demographics, perception and engagement.

Analytics Platform

Provides real-time insights in a convenient dashboard and is the source for further reports.


GDPR Compliant

Data privacy and responsible use of artificial intelligence are the core of XPAI’s business model. Of course, our solution is in line with EU data privacy laws. We neither store images nor create biometric profiles.

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What clients are saying

“XPAI helped us to track our event with real-time data and make data-driven optimisation decisions for our next Handelsblatt Winter Camp in December. This completely new way of measuring success is a milestone for the Experience Economy.”

Dr. Christian Sellmann
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Frequently asked questions

XPAI has been awarded with the ePrivacyseal which requires an in-depth technical and legal review by data protection and data security experts. The certification covers the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for digital products.

Yes, and this is also required to make the solution secure. GDPR-compliant processing can only be ensured if software and hardware come from a single source.

XPAI offers highly optimized hardware and software from a single source. This ensures the highest quality and a perfectly optimized system.

XPAI can only be tested with the AVAI One Sensor. We would be happy to send you a free evaluation kit.

XPAI only stores anonymous data, such as age group or engagement level, which cannot be identify a natural person.

Setup takes only 1 minute. You will receive a package with the AVAI One Sensor. All you have to do is to connect the sensor to electricity and the internet.

The price depends on your needs. To make you an offer we would need information about the space size, time coverage and the expected number of people to be analyzed.

XPAI in 60 Sec →

Check out our 60 section introduction video that explains XPAI in the most simple way based on an event use case.

About XPAI →

XPAI was founded with the idea to elimate the biggest problem of offline experiences and making them the number one choice in the marketing mix.

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