Avai One Sensor

AI powered real world data sensor

AVAI One Sensor

AVAI One Sensor is a unique device powered by next generation AI technology to capture the behavior of your customers.


Ready to use in a minute

Only XPAI offers you an easy-to-use solution that is ready within seconds. Just plugin LAN and power and you will see that data starts populating on your Heartbeat dashboard.

The Important Difference

It's not a camera, it's a sensor!

A camera is a device that captures images, while an image sensor is a device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. Our sensor does not create any images and does not store any footage, whereas the purpose of a camera is to create pictures, videos, and store the footage. Also, our sensor does not recognize individuals and does not create user profiles, whereas users can be identified or re-detected from a camera.
XPAI Invention (Patent pending)

Hardware Enforced Anonymization

Secure your sensitive data at its source with the AVAI One Sensor. We believe that data privacy can be ensured only if you enforce it at the core where the sensitive data is created. Therefore, XPAI has built the AVAI One Sensor that anonymizes information at the time it is created as soon as the light hits the sensor without ever creating a picture.

Why using a CCTV camera is a bad idea

Although using the camera infrastructure you already have sounds very tempting, a lot of things can go wrong, e.g. criminals can get into your camera system since it has its own operating system and data is not anonymized at the point of data creation. This way, somebody can get access to the video footage and violate the data privacy of your customers.

Why cloud or edge computing are risky choices

Processing the data in the cloud or at the edge (e.g. server in the same building) could be a choice; however, if you want to process your data somewhere, you also need to transfer it there, which can cause serious data leakage incidents. The AVAI One sensor is a closed system - capturing, transfer and processing happens on the device itself.
Put data Privacy First and make no compromises

Why hardware enforced anonymization is the only safe way

Hardware enforced anonymization eliminates all the problems that can occur and enables you to have full control and safety of your data. In other solutions, sensitive data needs to be stored and transferred. This opens the possibility for mistakes that result in data leaks. The AVAI One Sensor never stores sensitive data, nor transferres it. As soon as our sensor captures the information, it is anonymized. The only data that ever leaves the device is data like: a person in the age range of 30-39 was happy at 11:59.
XPAI sets new benchmark for data processing

Data Protection Made in Germany

XPAI's solution has been audited by data security experts and after a detailed technical and legal examination, XPAI was awarded with the ePrivacyseal data protection seal.

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