Heartbeat – Analytics Platform

XPAI Heartbeat - The Real World Analytics Platform

XPAI Heartbeat offers tailored tools for your use case. You can take smarter actions based on reliable data with the most innovative solution in the market.

XPAI Sessions

Plug&Play Reporting for Meetings and Conferences

Get the most precise results for your conferences and meetings with XPAI! Simply provide your schedule and XPAI will do the rest. Receive a detailed analysis of the presented content and your speakers, including the most popular session, the session with the most attention, and the age group that listened most carefully.
XPAI Tests

A/B Testing for the Real World

Maximize your potential by identifying and improving non-performing elements such as lightning, music, product placement and design. Test and compare each decision in real life, and apply the right strategies to create tailored experiences for the right target group.
XPAI 365

All-in one solution for long-term measurement

Get the full picture of the performance of all your locations over the past year ! See which locations and time periods produce the most peaks and dips, and understand the reasons why. Get a better understanding of how a location is perceived by different target audiences, all in one view.
XPAI Realtime

Take Action in Real-time

Keep an eye on your Experience Score, perception, and engagement in real-time – and take swift action to solve any issues that arise! For example, turn down your music in the store if perception is falling among a certain demographic group, or change the topic of your speech at a conference.
XPAI Reporting

Get into every detail

Analyzing data is just as important as collecting it. Make sure you are on top of trends and disliked patterns of perception, location, time, and demographics to stay ahead of the curve. Let different users from your company access the dashboard and evaluate the opportunities and threats to get different perspectives. Unlock the power of data to take your business to the next level.
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Frequently asked questions

Is XPAI GDPR compliant ?

XPAI has been awarded with the ePrivacyseal which requires an in-depth technical and legal review by data protection and data security experts. The certification covers the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for digital products.

Is the sensor part of the offer ?

Yes, and this is also required to make the solution secure. GDPR-compliant processing can only be ensured if software and hardware come from a single source. XPAI offers highly optimized hardware and software from a single source. This ensures the highest quality and a perfectly optimized system.

Do you have a free demo ?

XPAI can only be tested with the AVAI One Sensor. We would be happy to send you a free evaluation kit.

What data does XPAI store?

XPAI only stores anonymous data, such as age group or engagement level, which cannot be identify a natural person.

How long does the setup take?

Setup takes only 1 minute. You will receive a package with the AVAI One Sensor. All you have to do is to connect the sensor to electricity and the internet.

How much does XPAI cost ?

The price depends on your needs. To make you an offer we would need information about the space size, time coverage and the expected number of people to be analyzed.

Ready to measure your Real World Activities ?

Talk to our experts about your use-case and get further insights how you can leverage XPAI for your business.