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Deep insights into your Meeting OR Conference

Understand every detail of your event

We measure perception, engagement and demographics of every visitor at every second of your event.

Understand engagement

Get insights about different speakers and sessions by checking if the audience is just physically there or if they really show an interest. Be more efficient by knowing when you lose or gain their attention.

Understand perception

Emotions are the drivers of decision making. Get insights into the development of positive and negative emotions throughout the event and drill down into different sessions to find improvement potential.

Understand demographics

Age and Gender ?

Discover the characteristics of your target audience segmented into age and gender groups and observe their different behavioural patterns. Maximise your impact with tailored experiences for each group.
Understand zones

Is conference room A well designed ?

See the reactions of your audience in different areas such as conference rooms or networking spaces. Know what your guests are interested in to design your spaces most efficiently.

Transform Meetings & Conferences with XPAI

data driven events & predictable experiences

Post Event Communication

You know what your target groups responded positively to.Take theses into consideration when crafting your post-event communication or follow-up events.

React in Real-time

Observe your audience live and take action when you lose their attention, e.g. by giving a break . XPAI highlights for you any negative change in the perception and engagement.

Take action for next events

By analyzing the results of your last event, you can draw conclusions on which parts didn't work. It might be that you didn't attract a certain demographic group or that your audience doesn't follow certain topics. Take these findings and change them the next time.

Define personas & structure your event

Segment each demographic group according to their interests and discover new target groups that you haven't noticed so far. Use this data to group your audience around similar content or speakers.


What clients are saying

“XPAI helped us to track our event with real-time data and make data-driven optimisation decisions for our next Handelsblatt Winter Camp in December. This completely new way of measuring success is a milestone for the Experience Economy.”

Dr. Christian Sellmann

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