XPAI for Retail

AI Powered Real World Analytics for Retail

Make your store smarter by uncovering the hidden customer insights

Understand Perception

Happy or not ?

Find out what customers love about your store and make it even better! With their emotional feedback, you can craft winning marketing strategies and maximize customer satisfaction.

Understand Demographics

Demographic profiles

Unlock a new level of insights into who is visiting your stores! Create detailed personas to understand your target groups like never before.

Understand Footfall & Dwell time

How many ? How long ?

Unlock the secret to success! See your busiest hours, count your customers, and take action. Discover how long your customers are staying in each area of your store and get ready to take your business to the next level.
(feature coming soon)

Understand Zones

Zone performance

Unleash the power of your store by tapping into detailed data about each zone. Discover the impact of product placement, lighting, scent, and even music, and use that knowledge to maximize the performance of every square meter.

Transform Retail Stores with XPAI

Every positive moment a visitor has with your brand brings you closer to a loyal customer. We help you to create these moments.

Identify problems and Fix them

Upgrade your analytics with XPAI – Take the guesswork out and see what’s really going on! Identify problems and fix them with the help of XPAI’s unique framework.

Optimize performance with A/B Tests

Revolutionize your store with reliable data! Experiment with different music, light settings and product representation and watch your performance soar!

Understand your target groups

Go beyond the sales data and understand the journey of each customer group and what they prefer. Know your customer and be ahead of your competitors.

Personalize your Stores

Discover your customers’ needs and target them with pinpoint accuracy – XPAI can help you to personalize your store to give each customer group what they need.

Let's make your store smart.

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