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about us

We are technology pioneers for measuring the success of offline experiences

We make offline experiences measurable

With the help of the latest technology, we solve the biggest problem of offline marketing. XPAI makes it possible for the first time to measure the success of offline experiences using clearly defined parameters.


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Evaluate subjective experiences objectively

Every person perceives the world differently. This subjective experience shapes our individual life reality. We enable you to shape the perception of your customers into unique experiences.


Our secret? Great people.

Even though XPAI is a lot about technology, it is our team that makes us successful. These include experts from the fields of machine learning, marketing, software development and hardware design.

Our history

Why does the world need us?

Technology is changing our lives in many areas. Be it how we shop, consume media or work. Of course, this development also affects modern marketing. More and more new online channels are emerging and replacing offline marketing.

But not everything can be reflected online. Even in the digital age, people demand for physical experiences. The major disadvantage of the offline world is the missing measurability. XPAI has a made it it’s mission to solve this problem.

Where are we from?

XPAI has its roots in the leading brand experience agency Avantgarde. As experts for unique brand experiences and visionaries of the industry, Avantgarde recognized the potential of our idea. Under the project name “Predictable Experience”, the first tests were carried out in 2021, which were intended to make offline experience measurable with the help of artificial intelligence. The success of these tests was so promising that XPAI was set up as an independent enterprise.

Where do we want to go?

Offline experiences should be measurable as preciously as online channels. We want to make this benefit available to a growing number of companies so that they can make their offline marketing as successful as possible.

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Meet the team

Laura Barbosa

Head of Product Management
Laura is responsible for XPAI's product vision and complete product roadmap. Laura brings more than 10 years of product management and data analysis experience to XPAI. Laura previously worked among others at Spotcap in Berlin, TSB in London and Google in Ireland.

Konstantin Heinrich

Data Scientist
Konstantin and his team take care of deep learning models, which recognize for example age or engagement. Konstantin has a Master of Science in Navigation and Environmental Robotics. During his studies, he developed an algorithm that enables robots to navigate through a labyrinth.

Husam Alqaza

Team Lead Engineering
Husam is part of the software engineering team that takes care of the offline analytics platform Heartbeat and the software of the AVAI One Sensor. As the team's hardware specialist, Husam has a strong focus on the security and performance of the AVAI One hardware.