XPAI for exhibitions

AI Powered Real World Analytics for Tradeshows & Exhibitions

Unlock hidden insights at tradeshows & exhibitions

Understand demographics

What are the demographic profiles of my visitors?

Dive into a detailed analysis about the age and gender of your audience and their needs. Determine the best strategy for each target group
Understand Perception at your zones

Which zones need attention ?

See if your visitors are happy or not at your speaker area, networking area or at the sales booth. Build better emotional connections to increase the satisfaction of your audience.
Understand time of the day and day of the week

Does the time matter ?

Analyse different slots to identify what are the best times to get the attention of your visitors. Learn how different days affect the perception of your event. Identify the best hours of a day and run your most important activations during this time.
Understand People Count & Dwell time

How long do visitors stay at a particular area?

Gather data on the total number of people visiting you and narrowing it down to the most or least crowded zones. Be informed about how much time visitors spend in each zone.
Use Cases for Roadshows & Exhibitions

Transform Tradeshows & Exhibitions with XPAI ?

Find the perfect mix

Make the right choice! Get the most out of your set-up by finding the perfect mix of light, booth design, product placement and TV ad content for guaranteed success.

Run A/B Tests

Unlock the secret of success. Change different aspects of your set-up and see how it influences the mood of your visitors. Optimize your event on-the-flight with the right data.

Learn from the past

Tap into the power of historic data. Analyze what worked well and what not and apply the learnings to your next exhibition. Optimize your strategy based on long-term data.

React in Real-time

Be on top of any issues that arise during your event - spot potential issues before they become a problem and take immediate action to ensure a successful outcome!

Define target groups

Know your customer is key to success. Check personas identified based on market research data and adapt them based on real-world data. Use this data in your research phase to avoid wrong hypothesis.

Post event communication

Analyze what your target audiences loved and use it to create stunning post-event communication. You know where to reach them. Now you also know what they want to hear.

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