XPAI - Offline Analytics Platform

XPAI offers several analysis tools and hardware from a single source.

Perception Analytics

See your event through the eyes of your audience. XPAI recognizes positive, neutral or negative emotions of your guests and classifies the reactions accordingly.

Engagement Analytics

Is your audience only present physically or also actively involved? XPAI measures and evaluates the activity of the participants. This gives you deep insights about how your presentation, experience or action is received by the target group.

Demographic Analytics

Capture the demographics of your audience more accurately than ever before. XPAI automatically assigns them to demographic groups, giving you a deeper understanding of your customer structure.

Zone Analytics

XPAI always takes your entire event into account. To give you an overview, the system divides the venue into different zones. This allows you to draw specific conclusions from the performance of individual areas.

AVAI One - Smart Sensor

The smart sensor, AVAI One, is specially developed for experience analysis. It processes all the data that it captures during your event. AVAI One meets the highest security standards and installation takes less than a minute.

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